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Our Story

Our story begins, firstly, by our bond to one another as siblings. Our roots are our foundation, and through experiencing life’s challenges together, we know we have those deep ties to one another. We first dipped our toes in the field of marketing and communications separately, venturing off to discover our own opportunities. We then realized how much our passions complement each other. With Carla's knack for finding the right words and designing communication and Daniel’s creative eye for detail in graphic design and videography, it only made sense we should come together and create a full marketing services company. 



It was then when Arbor mktg was born. Arbor, in Latin, means tree. We had those foundational roots, tying us to one another, and we took the opportunity to turn those roots into a tree by starting a company together. Now, at Arbor mktg, we are passionate about replicating this strategy. We want to take your company’s foundational roots and grow them into a beautiful, evergreen tree withstanding the harshest of winters and the sweetest of summers.



Communications Guru


Digital Guru

As our communications guru, Carla has always had a passion for communication and finding the right words. While obtaining a post-graduate certificate in Professional Writing and Communications and a master’s degree in Rhetoric and Communication Design, she has only let this passion grow stronger. Carla brings three years of strategic experience working directly with companies to grow their online presence through social media management and blogs, writing internal and external newsletters to share with employees and customers, and many more communication strategies. 

As our digital guru, growing up in the digital age, Daniel has always kept up with the latest designs and trends. That interest inspired Daniel to study Business and Digital Arts, specializing in graphic design, user experience, and video production. With five years of experience in the digital communications field, he has loved every moment of it and continues to work with a widespread array of brands while pursuing his passion. From promotional videos, wedding videos, to graphic/logo design, and many more, Daniel brings numerous digital strategies to the Arbor mktg team.

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